Forged to perfection.




Our forged kettles are heavy. This is what makes them so appealing. But just the weight requires reliable mounts and the bass drum wants to be transported to the next gig. 

Tom Tom Brackets

For 22 lbs tom toms you need some extra sturdy brackets. So we made special ones from brass and stainless steel.


A rack of stainless steel tubes provides high stability and also looks very remarkable. The extra sturdy construction ensures that the tom toms never sink down.


For the most perfect result we use only the best components.

Flight Cases

With our transport boxes the heavy bass drums can be moved with ease.

Foot Machine Mounts

Any standard foot machine can be easily docked to the bass drum support. The PIROTH‑DRUMS bass drum holder made of stainless steel offers the great advantage that the tension rings cannot be damaged and the bass drum tuning is also not affected.

individually manufactured

All the Accessories will be custom-made for you

Every snare drum is made individually for you after your order. Do you have a special request? Feel free to contact us.

Forged to perfection.